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Avoid Potential Problems with Missing Teeth by Replacing Them!

December 21, 2022
Posted By: Dr. Woo Sung Jung

Your teeth are among the most crucial body parts you’re likely to lose. The National Institutes of Health report that American adults have lost an average of three teeth by their 64th birthday.

Because missing teeth are so common, dental technology has devised several different options for replacing them. At Garland Grove Dentistry, we are passionate about helping people in Garland, TX replace their missing teeth with a solution that fits their unique needs.

Here are three ways that missing teeth can threaten your health and overall well-being.

A Healthy Gut Benefits from Fiber in Crunchy Foods

Your teeth have a primary function to help you eat the food vital to everyday life. But contrary to the annals of science fiction, we now know that you can’t live a healthy life with a liquid diet – your body needs fibrous food for your digestive tract to work properly. And that means chewing with a robust set of teeth.

Research into your gut health has shown that the material in crunchy foods like raw vegetables and whole grains nourishes your system by reaching your large intestine, preventing inflammatory diseases, and promoting weight loss.

Empty Socket Issues Can Cause Gum Infections

Another problem with missing teeth is the space in your jaw where your tooth roots once connected to your body. The area is called an empty socket and can take a substantial amount of time to heal after losing your tooth. In addition, plaque-causing bacteria can build up in this opening without proper care and attention, leading to bone and gum infections.

Little known to most people, your jawbone health relies on the pressure transmitted through your teeth to stimulate regeneration. When that stimulation is missing, your bone is less efficient in its natural growth cycle, weakening the bone that only worsens over time.

Shifting Teeth Issues Stress Your Smile

Finally, a missing tooth weakens the surrounding healthy teeth through its absence. Chewing pressure and natural entropy can push those teeth toward the opening slowly and progressively over time. This effect can cause bite misalignments and uneven forces on your remaining teeth, which, as they shift, can lead to more damage and additional tooth loss.

We Replace Missing Teeth in Garland, TX

You don’t have to suffer the problems associated with missing teeth. However, the Garland Grove Dentistry team invites you to contact our dental office to learn how replacing teeth can improve your life and guard your overall well-being for years to come.

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