Tooth-Colored Fillings in Garland, TX

Large family outside smiling l dentist in garland txIn modern dentistry, there’s not much difference between services we consider cosmetic and those that are thought of as being restorative. With all the improvements we’ve seen in dental materials over the years, virtually any dental service will enhance your smile.

Dr. Woo Sung Jung is a general dentist who has an eye for aesthetics. If he recommends a dental filling at our Garland, TX dental office to restore tooth decay, you can be confident that the result will be a healthy, beautiful smile!

Finding and Treating Cavities

Even if you are a pro at oral hygiene and brush and floss consciously, you may develop a cavity. But with leading-edge technology like digital x-rays, our dental care team can find decay long before it causes a toothache.

Restoring a cavity when it’s small is a simple process and saves you the discomfort and expense of further damage and the need for more involved treatment. We choose a tooth-colored composite resin that combines glass and resin particles to mimic the appearance of dental enamel.

While the material is in a putty-like state, Dr. Jung expertly builds it up to follow the natural contours of your tooth. When he hardens the composite with a curing light, the result is a seamless repair that is virtually invisible.

Perfect an Imperfect Smile with Bonding

If you have chipped or broken teeth, the solution may be easier than you think. Cosmetic dental bonding uses the same filling material to improve the appearance of your teeth. It’s a simple, affordable solution that has significant benefits.

Many of our patients who thought they needed dental veneers are thrilled to learn there’s an alternative that’s easier on their budget. Dr. Jung uses the same tooth-colored composite material to fill in chipped, broken, cracked, or stained teeth. 

Direct Veneers: An Affordable Cosmetic Solution

Smiling woman with dental instrument l tooth-colored fillings garland txIn some cases, we can use dental bonding to resolve many of the same issues as porcelain veneers. We call these direct veneers because there’s no outside dental lab involved. Instead, Dr. Jung creates the covering directly onto the teeth he’s treating. 

We can achieve similar results to porcelain veneers at a fraction of the cost. Patients also appreciate that we don’t have to alter the structure of the teeth we’re treating as we do when placing lab-fabricated veneers. One thing to take into consideration, though, is that direct veneers will need to be replaced more frequently than veneers.

Schedule a Dental Appointment to Learn More

Do you have a toothache and think it’s a cavity? Would you like to learn more about cosmetic dental bonding and how it could benefit you? 

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