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Why Some People Are More Prone to Cavities Than Others

February 8, 2022
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People of all ages get a cavity from time to time. However, if you’re diagnosed with tooth decay at every dental checkup, there may be issues contributing to these excess cavities.

Your Garland, TX dentist can help uncover the reason or reasons why you’re prone to tooth decay.

Reasons You May Be Prone to Tooth Decay

Poor Oral Hygiene or Lack of Dental Care

Patients get busy and sometimes forget to brush, or they don’t brush and floss sufficiently. When you brush and floss, you should be cleaning all surfaces of each tooth. It would be best to use a new section of floss each time you pass between teeth.

It’s also vital to visit your Garland, TX dentist twice each year for dental checkups and teeth cleanings. Teeth cleanings especially lower your risks for cavities and other preventable conditions.

At this checkup, your dentist may also recommend a dental sealant to lock cavity-causing debris away from teeth.

Abnormally Shaped Teeth

In some cases, teeth may be deeply grooved or have ridges that make the patient more vulnerable to debris buildup. This issue can result in cavities. If you have deeply ridged teeth, be sure to spend time cleaning these grooves for best results.

Weak or Thin Tooth Enamel

You can have naturally thin tooth enamel or enamel that has weakened over time. Thin enamel can erode more quickly, leaving teeth subject to decay.

Culprits for enamel erosion include brushing too hard or insufficient brushing. Also, talk to your dentist about a fluoride treatment to help restore enamel strength.

Diets High in Carbs and Sugar

Your diet plays a significant role in your oral and physical health. And diets high in carbs and sugars increase your risks for cavities and even systemic health complications like type 2 diabetes.

Contact Your Garland, TX Dentist

A diet low in sugar can also promote fewer dental cavities. If you would like more information or if it’s time for your next checkup and teeth cleaning, reach out to a team member today to get started.

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