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The Pros and Cons of Different Tooth Replacement Options

November 30, 2021
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As you consider your options for replacing a missing tooth or a section of missing teeth, look at the pros and cons of each option available to help you make an informed decision on what is best for you. 

Dental Implants

Dental implants are permanent fixtures in the mouth that are anchored in the jaw by titanium supports.


  • Implants are permanent mouth fixtures that can be treated like regular teeth in most instances.
  • There's no need for special treatment and cleaning once healed.
  • An implant stays firmly affixed, allowing patients to feel confident in their teeth.


  • Implants can be more costly than other options.
  • Implants require a longer recovery time so that the post can heal to the jawbone.


Crowns are used in specific circumstances when the tooth's enamel has been compromised, and the total damage to the tooth is too much to support a filling.

A crown acts as a hard hat for the remaining tooth root, protecting it from bacteria and external forces and allowing the patient to use the tooth normally again once healed.


  • It's a simpler solution that allows the patient to keep the root of the tooth in their mouth.
  • You can treat the final prosthesis like a regular tooth once healed.


  • It requires a viable tooth to rest on. Patients who need the whole tooth replaced will not be able to take advantage of crowns.


An advanced crown that can cover a section of missing teeth, bridges are anchored to supporting teeth to support them and keep the bridge firmly in the mouth.


  • It's relatively non-invasive compared to dental implants using the existing support structure of the other teeth.
  • Bridges stay anchored in the mouth and function like regular teeth.


  • It require strong and healthy teeth to help support the bridge structure.


Full and partial dentures allow patients to use dentures for full rows of missing teeth or just a few.


  • Dentures are of the more economical solutions to tooth loss.
  • Dentures are highly customizable for nearly any number of teeth.


  • Dentures require special cleaning and attention daily.
  • Patients sometimes struggle to eat certain foods with dentures.
  • They are removable and non-permanent.

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