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What options do you offer to replace missing teeth?

Missing teeth is a significant oral health problem that affects millions of adults in the US. Tooth loss has a significant impact on your life, but at Garland Grove Dentistry, we offer several options to replace missing teeth at our Garland, TX dental office.

  • The tooth replacement that’s preferred by dentists and patients is dental implants. Dental implants are the only solution available that replaces the root of a lost tooth. Dr. Jung places a small titanium post in your jaw, and we restore it with a crown, bridge, or denture after it heals.
  • Dental bridges are another excellent option that’s affordable and perfect if you’re looking for a fast solution to replace one or two missing teeth. An artificial tooth sits in the open space and is anchored by dental crowns on adjacent teeth.
  • Full and partial dentures are time-tested solutions that are popular because they’re affordable and work well for many people. With dentures, we can replace a few or all of the teeth in your mouth. We can also add dental implants to your dentures to

When you’re looking for a tooth replacement in Garland, TX, start by calling the dental team at Garland Grove Dentistry. Dr. Jung will help you explore all of the above options to find the solution that restores your h comfortable, confident smile.

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