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Is over-the-counter teeth whitening safe?

Both over-the-counter teeth whitening options and professional teeth whitening options are safe for most patients. However, we consider professional teeth whitening to be safer for your teeth and gums than over-the-counter teeth whitening options since your professional teeth whitening treatment will be supervised by a dentist. 

Your dentist will examine your teeth before your professional teeth whitening treatment to make sure your teeth are healthy and strong. If you have any dental health issues, like gum disease or cavities, those issues may need to be addressed before your teeth are whitened. 

Additionally, if you have had dental restorations, like dental crowns, you may experience uneven whitening. If you are pursuing professional teeth whitening, our dentist, Dr. Woo Sung Jung, can advise you beforehand if that’s the case.

Due to the above reasons, we always recommend a professional teeth whitening solution over an at-home option. With professional whitening treatments, patients often experience better and faster results.

Professional Teeth Whitening in Garland, TX

If you are in search of a brighter smile, we can help you in our Garland, TX office. Dr. Jung is experienced in helping patients brighten their smiles with professional teeth whitening solutions. And never hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

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