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Is sedation dentistry safe?

We offer sedation dentistry in Garland, TX to patients of all ages. But our team will not administer it unless our sedation dentist gives the okay.

However, the good news is that most patients do just fine with our dental sedation.

In our office, we offer nitrous oxide, commonly called laughing gas. This gas is delivered through a nose mask and allows for ultimate relaxation and even detachment. You’ll know you’re having dental treatment, but you’re not likely to care.

When your treatment is over, and we remove the mask, there are no lingering effects. Because of this, you can drive yourself home, return to work, and children who’ve had nitrous oxide are free to enjoy their day and even return to school.

Nitrous oxide is ideal for patients who are having multiple treatments, fear dental procedures, or feel anxious. With nitrous oxide, you no longer have to worry and can get the dentistry you need.

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Has anxiety kept you out of the dental chair? Do you worry about your teeth and gums due to staying away from the dentist for too long?

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