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What should I do if I have a toothache?

Everyone who’s ever had a toothache knows it’s one of the most uncomfortable physical sensations you can experience. Whether you have throbbing pain or a slight twinge of discomfort, call us for emergency dental treatment in Garland, TX. We’ll get you out of pain and back to enjoying your life in no time at all.

Dental pain can be the result of any one of a number of factors, so the treatment we provide will be tailored to your needs. We understand how frustrating and uncomfortable a toothache can be. Dr. Jung will diagnose your dental issue and provide the high-quality care you need as quickly as possible. ​

At Garland Grove Dentistry, our caring dental care team puts your needs first. Whether you need emergency dental care or have ongoing issues, we’ll listen carefully to your concerns. We’ll explore all the options available to provide relief and get your oral health back on track.

If you have a toothache in Garland, TX, call us at (972) 272-3585 right away. We’ll get to the source of the problem and recommend the dental treatment to resolve your pain and prevent further damage to the tooth.

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