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What’s the best option for replacing missing teeth?

You have several choices for replacing missing teeth, but the best option for overall quality is a dental implant. This tooth replacement method is the leading choice of most dentists because it mimics your natural tooth from top to bottom. But to receive an implant, you must be a qualified candidate. This is why Garland Grove Dentistry offers several options to replace missing teeth.

One thing that makes dental implants in Garland the best choice is their versatility. Built on a titanium post we surgically place in your jaw, this foundation can restore a single tooth via a dental crown or multiple teeth by an implant-supported denture.

Other Tooth Replacement Options in Garland

If you have missing teeth but are not a dental implant candidate, Dr. Jung can provide another option based on your needs and existing oral health. These include dental bridges and full and partial dentures.

Dental bridges

When you’re missing one or several adjoining teeth, a dental bridge is a fixed solution that is affordable and fast. They fill the gap with one or more dental crowns that anchor to your healthy natural teeth on either side. In addition, we may elect to support your anchor teeth with dental crowns for a sturdier reconstruction.

Partial dentures

You can choose a partial denture for a removable option to replace multiple adjoining teeth. We design these as artificial teeth attached to an underlying flexible framework. This framework has special attachments that securely hold your denture to your remaining teeth.

Full dentures

Like their partial cousins, complete dentures are a time-tested solution to replace all of your upper or lower teeth or both. Full dentures come with an entire arch worth of artificial teeth with an acrylic base that looks somewhat like gum tissue.

For your lower teeth, a denture rests on the bony ridge of your lower jaw, while an upper denture adheres to your palette via a specially formulated, soft foundation. Full dentures are also removable for cleaning and storage while you sleep.

One excellent option that can go with bridges and dentures is that they may be attached to dental implants rather than adjoining teeth or mouth tissues. This gives your unparalleled security, keeping your oral appliance from slipping while you chew or irritating sensitive parts of your mouth.

When you’re looking for a tooth replacement in Garland, TX, we recommend calling the team at Garland Grove Dentistry. Dr. Jung will help you explore the above options and find the solution that restores your natural and confident smile.

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